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Mother of children 6, 8, and 12

We love your book! It's beautiful. All my kids love it. They love the silly hat and are on a quest to find me a sillier hat.

The most striking impact has been on my husband. He seems to understand a bit better why some days are wig days, hat days, or bald days. He hadn't realized how unconfidant I feel at times.

Thanks! This book will be one of those treasures we keep.



Your book helped me start the conversation about cancer with my son Lukas, who has been very sensitive to his Te-Te being sick. He then, in his five year old wisdom, "explained" it to his cousin Olivia.

And although Olivia doesn't understand what's happening she has looked at the picture of the lady with no hair and talks about Mama with no hair and wearing hats. She especially likes the picture of the long wig.

After reading the book several times and talking to Lukas he has become much more open about his feeling and fears.

I can't thank you enough for writing this positive and affirming book about cancer and chemo. The simple but direct text was exactly what I needed to open up the topic with my son.

Laura Esserman, MD, MBA

Director, Carol Franc Buck Breast Care Center Professor of Surgery and Radiology, UCSF Associate Director, Helen Diller Family Comprehensive Cancer Center

Everyday, families with young children ask us for help in talking to their children about cancer, hair loss, and surgery. How wonderful to be able to give them this charming and beautifully illustrated storybook.  

This book provides a great starting place for talking to children about cancer -- and the outward things that can be so scary to children and adults. It has just the right tone and  provides comfort and solace, to the young and the not so young!"

Diane Brandon

Cancer Resource Specialist, Marin Cancer Institute

Humor.  Sensitivity.  Positive images. 


Now, when a woman asks, "How am I going to tell my young child I'm going to lose my hair?" I have the perfect book.


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